Computerised Accouting

There are many good accounting and payroll packages on the market and we are happy to work with you regardless of which one you choose.

Computerising for the first time?

Our advice would be to assess your needs carefully before buying. You will get what you pay for but, if you are not careful, you may also pay for advanced features that you do not need.

You may have been told that if you are only prepared to spend £100 on an accounting package then you are unlikely to find one that will satisfy your needs. However, for many small businesses, you will not have to spend very much more than this to find a basic package that will do everything you want it to … but do check whether or not you can easily upgrade later, if your needs change.

Larger businesses and those requiring specialist features (e.g. stock control, sales order processing, specialist management information) will almost certainly need to spend more and it is then even more important to make sure that your intended package will do what you want.

In the current economic climate, do not be persuaded to spend more than you need to but do buy the right package to meet your requirements.